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Quality Assessment of Drilled Shaft Foundations at the Jane Byrne Interchange

Ishimwe, E. , Coleman, T.

Presented at DFI Annual, 2020

Use and Comparison of New QA/QC Technologies in a Test Shaft

Hannigan, P. , Moghaddam, R.

GeoMEast 2019

Cost and Technical Comparison of Non-Destructive Test Methods for Drilled Shafts

Hyatt, T. , Belardo, D. , Webster, J.

Presented at DFI Annual; 2019

Terminology and Evaluation Criteria for CSL as Applied to Deep Foundations

Sellountou, A. , Amir, J. , Canivan, G. , Chernauskas, L. , Hertlein, B. , Kandaris, P. , Kovacs, T. , Likins, G.

Presented at DFI Annual; 2019

State of Practice and Advances in Quality Control Methods for Drilled Shafts

Piscsalko, G. , Hannigan, P.

Presented at IFCEE, Orlando; 2018

Thermal Integrity Profiler Accelerates Construction of Railroad Projects

Coleman, T. , Belardo, D.

Presented at AREMA; 2017

Drilled Shaft Acceptance Criteria Based Upon Thermal Integrity

Piscsalko, G. , Likins, G. , Mullins, G.

DFI 41st Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, New York; 2016

Case Histories using TIP for Foundation Quality Assurance

Bixler, M. , Belardo, D. , Piscsalko, G.

GeoVancouver, Vancouver; 2016

El Ensayo de Integridad por Perfil Térmico, un Nuevo Método para Evaluación de Integridad de Cimentaciones Profundas

Beim, G. , Beim, J. , Lima, S.

15th Pan-American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2015

Transmission Pier Foundation QA/QC

Beim, G. , Kluge, R. , Lohry, M. , Belardo, D.

Proceedings, Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures, Branson, MO; 2015