Current Software Versions

Pile Dynamics (PDI) makes every attempt to provide lifetime technical support to its clients. However, PDI engineers are naturally more familiar with the current and most recent versions of PDI software and hardware. Users of up-to-date equipment and software will benefit from faster answers to their questions. In addition, developments in the software and hardware industries may result in incompatibilities with older programs or equipment. Repairs of old equipment also become increasingly difficult as electronic components used in those pieces of equipment become no longer available. We therefore suggest that our users upgrade their software and hardware on a regular basis. Naturally, newer versions of PDI software and hardware provide improved speed and ease of use, and the latest refinements in the analysis methods. The following are the most recent versions of our most popular products:


SHAPE-S Main Unit2023.5.0.0SLT1.0.4.0

Software Version Numbers
PIT –Q UNIT (4984 CF)  2022.4.1.0
PIT –Q UNIT (4980 CF) 2020.10.0.4
PIT-W 2009-4
CHA-W 2023.36
PDI-TOMO 2017.3.1
CHA-S Unit (only) (8253 XC) 2022.6.13
CHA-S Unit (only) (8252 XC) 2022.6.12
Old CHAMPS 2015.015
ICAP (exp 1/10/33) 1.1
CAPWAP 2014.3.6
PDAS 2022.35.2
PDA-W 2016.125
PDIPLOT2 2022.1.62.0
PDI-CURVES 2022.2.50.0
PDA-8G / PDA-S 2022.35.2
DLT 2022.35.2
SPT 2022.35.2
PDANET 2017.1.4
MAC 2020.30.170
TWC Serializer 2021.4.0.7
Strain Calibrator
Smart Gage Programmer
TIP-Q 2021.1
TIP REPORTER 2022.21.0.0
SHAPE-C Main Unit 2022.6.9.0
SHAPE-9C (sensor) 2021.1.7
SHAPE_L_AIR (sensor) 2021.1.9
SLT-S – Standard
SLT-S – Professional
PIR-Q 1.0.12
PIRPLOT 9.0.21022.8
SAXQ Input Editor FDOT 1.0.0
SAXQ Input Editor INDOT 1.0.0
PIT-S 2021.1.18
PDI-WAVE 2020.2.19.0