Top Force Transducer

PDI offers Top Force Transducers for use with the Pile Dynamics Analyzer-Dynamic Load Tester (PDA-DLT) available in three sizes:

  • 91 cm (36″) – 4,000 tons (includes 8 strains)
  • 61 cm (24″) – 2,400 tons (includes 8 strains)
  • 41 cm (16″) – 1,150 tons (includes 8 strains)

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Top force transducer method eliminates concrete build up or excavation on drilled concrete piles. Using Pile Dynamics, Inc’s Top Force Transducer allows for quick set up. When used with the Pile Dynamics Analyzer – Dynamic Load Tester (PDA-DLT), the Top Force Transducer improves force accuracy and reduces labor costs. Force measurements may be taken via bolted on gages, load cell, dolly, or from ram measurements.

Advantages Include:
• No “windows” in casting provide more accurate force
• Area and modulus are identifiable
• Less pile preparation required
• Eliminates excavations
• Accelerometers mounted near top of pile, no longer requiring two diameter distance
• Eliminates errors due to bending

Top Force Transducer


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The 1150
Weight: 254 Kg (560 lbs.)
Height: 45.72 (18 in)
Diameter: 50.8 cm (20 in)

The 2400
Weight: 703 Kg (1550 lbs.)
Height: 50.8 cm (20 in)
Diameter: 76.2 cm (30 in)

The 4000
Weight: 2177 Kg (4800 lbs.)
Height: 76.2 cm (30 in)
Diameter: 111.7 cm (44 in)


Compatible with Pile Dynamics Analyzer – Dynamic Load Tester (PDA-DLT)
Accelerometers, Strain Transducers, and Averaging Cables sold separately
Full one-year warranty
Setup Guide provided in PDF form on a USB Drive