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Saximeter (SAX-Q)

Date: 11/2021

The Saximeter-Q incorporates the latest technological innovations with increased durability. The Saximeter-Q…

CAPWAP® (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program)

Date: 03/2017

CAPWAP® (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program) Signal matching software that uses force…

E-Saximeter (E-SAX)

Date: 03/2017

Handheld instrument registering relevant pile driving parameters, calculating diesel hammer stroke or…

GRLWEAP14 Wave Equation Analysis

Date: 03/2017

GRLWEAP14 is the pile driving simulation software of choice worldwide for pile…

Length Inductive Test Equipment (LITE)

Date: 03/2017

The LITE evaluates the length of existing steel piles (Steel Sheet Piles,…

Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) System

Date: 03/2017

High strain dynamic load testing and pile driving monitoring system. Perform dynamic…