Previously the FHWA driven 1.2 software could be used to import soil layer properties into GRLWEAP. Now, FHWA driven 1.2 is no longer supported on newer operating systems. Does GRLWEAP 2010 allow entry of soil layer properties as an alternate method to the driven software?

GRLWEAP 2010 offers the static analysis options SA and ST to easily model soil layers. The ST analysis inputs only basic soil types. These types include a rough guide of strength – loose, medium, dense, soft, firm. Meanwhile, the SA analysis allows direct entry of SPT N-values or friction angles and unconfined compressive strengths.

GRLWEAP includes entry for CPT data and analysis by the Schmertmann CPT method. The API method is available for those running the Offshore Wave program version.

Compared to Driven, the process is slightly different because GRLWEAP provides the calculated capacities versus depth in the final dynamic analysis output. Alternatively, Driven shows these values separately before allowing the generation of an input file for GRLWEAP.

Additionally, GRLWEAP allows the generation of unit resistance versus depth file (e.g., in a spreadsheet program). This can then be copied and pasted directly into the soil resistance input table in GRLWEAP.

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