Can SQUID™ data be collected wirelessly?

Yes, however, wireless collection is only one of 3 available collection modes, which include Hard-Wire, Hard-Wire and Wireless Transmitter, and Wireless Transmitter Only.

• The Hard-Wire Connection Mode requires that the SQUID™ Body and Tablet are connected via wire. Users can view the Force-Displacement plot being developed in real-time.

• The Hard-Wire and Wireless Transmitter option also requires a wire and the user can observe the Force-Displacement plots being developed in real-time. In comparison to the Hard-Wire
Connect mode, this option requires that the wireless transmitter is lowered into the hole with the SQUID™ Body.

• The Wireless Transmitter mode does not require a wire to perform data collection. The data, however, cannot be viewed until the SQUID™ Body returns to the surface.

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