Can PAX sensors be used with a PDA-8G unit? What additional equipment is needed? What are the associated disadvantages?

Yes, there are 2 ways to adapt PAX sensors to operate with the PDA-8G.

Individual sensor adapter cables are available that connect between one wire of the PDA-8G connection cable to one PAX sensor. In other words, the user needs one adapter cable for each PAX sensor connected to the PDA-8G connection cable. Pile Dynamics, Inc. ® (PDI) offers PE, PR and Strain versions of these adapters. This adapter method allows the PDA-8G to read each smart PAX sensor’s  type, serial number, and calibration factor. This method also allows you to combine both PDA-8G and PAX sensors on the connection cable.

An In-line adapter cable is also available that connects between the PDA-8G unit and the main cable. This adapter allows you to use a PAX connection cable and PAX sensors with your PDA-8G. PDI offers PE and PR versions of this adapter. Consequently, however, this adapter method requires the user to manually enter the sensor type, serial number and calibration factor into the PDA-8G.

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