PDI-Wave Demonstration Software

PDI-Wave demonstrates what happens when a drop weight impacts a pile and generates a stress wave. It uses a Smith-based model to represent the propagation of the stress wave down the shaft and its reflection back to the top. Users may customize the hammer-cushion-pile system, as well as input the desired ultimate pile resistance and assumed distribution between skin friction and toe resistance.

The shaft is represented as a stack of horizontal segments that turn blue and successively increase in width or color intensity to indicate an increase in compressive stress. Once the downward travelling stress wave reaches the bottom it reflects and travels upward – and under some circumstances can become a tension stress, which is represented by a change from blue to red. Forces, velocities, displacements, energy and other variables at a selected depth (pile element) are plotted versus time, similar to what a Pile Driving Analyzer® would display during a high strain dynamic load test. Clicking on “3D Force” draws a 3-D representation of the force along the shaft versus time, showing compressive stresses in blue and tension in red.

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PDI-Wave demonstration software— (3 MB)

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework 4.5.2 or later
  • The installer will check, and if it is not available the installation will not proceed.
  • The Framework can be downloaded for free from www.microsoft.com
  • 5 Mbytes of free hard disk space

Note: Run the installer, if issues arise, please run again and click on ‘Repair’
For installation help, please contact us at softwaresupport@pile.com