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Predicting Eccentric Stresses for Large Diameter Open Ended Pipe Piles

Webster, S. , Robinson, B. , Allin, R. , Flynn, R.

Presented at GeoCongress; 2022

Top-Loaded Bi-Directional Test and the Conventional Bi-Directional Load Test, A Direct Comparison

Hannigan, P. , Moghaddam, R. , Rausche, F. , Robertson, S.

Presented at DFI Annual; 2021

Interpretation and Evaluation of Thermal Integrity Profiling Measurements

Belardo, D. , Robertson, S. , Coleman, T.

Presented at DFI Annual; 2021

Top-Loaded Bi-Directional Test - A New Approach to Deep Foundations Load Testing

Moghaddam, R. , Rausche, F. , Hannigan, P.

Presented at DFI Annual; 2021

Advances in Drilled Shaft Testing Techniques

Morgano, M. , Sharp, M. , White, B.

Presented at GeoNiagara, Niagara Canada; 2021

An End Bearing Method for Evaluating Instrumented Becker Penetration Test Data for Site Characterization

Chowdhury, K. , Dawson, E. , Alvarez, C. , Rausche, F. , Serafini, D. , Seed, R.

Presented at USSD Annual Conference; 2021

Refined Prediction of End Bearing through Multi-Level High Strain Dynamic Measurements

Allin, R. , Rausche, F. , Robinson, B.

Presented at IFCEE, Dallas, TX; 2021

Managing Risk with Innovative Deep Foundation Testing Solutions

Coleman, T. , Piscsalko, G. , Likins, G.

Presented at IFCEE, Dallas, TX; 2021

Bi-Directional Static Load Testing Results of an Augered Cast-In-Place Pile and a Drilled Displacement Pile

Robertson, S. , Bixler, M. , Komurka, V.

Presented at IFCEE, Dallas, TX; 2021