PIT-W & PIT-S Software

PIT-W and PIT-S enhance the analysis of pulse echo data obtained with the Pile Integrity Tester.


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PIT-W and PIT-S enhance the analysis of pulse echo data obtained with the Pile Integrity Tester.

PIT-W Software

The PIT-W software is available in Standard and Professional versions.

Every Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) includes one license of PIT-W Standard. This software reprocesses PIT data, averages, filters and magnifies records, analyzes records in the time domain and outputs user customized tables, plots, and reports.

PIT-W Professional adds valuable features to the Standard version. It generates a likely Pile Profile, shows multiple piles in one single screen and has essential tools for interpreting data obtained with PIT-FV or PIT-QFV: Wave Speed Calculation (with velocity data from 2 accelerometers) and Frequency Domain Analysis (with force from an instrumented hammer).

Why Frequency Domain Analysis?

The analysis in the time domain is relatively simple to interpret and assesses the location of major defects. The analysis in the Frequency Domain computes the relative mobility and dynamic stiffness of the pile. Coupled with the Multiple Column plots, it allows the comparison of records from various piles from the same location. Dynamic stiffness yields a relative assessment of pile strength and quality. The PIT-W Pile Profile Analysis generates a plot of pile impedance as a function of depth for piles with a clear toe.

PIT-S Software

PIT-S takes a user-input pile shape, soil layer properties and characteristics of the low strain hammer impact, including point of impact, and displays the velocity reflections versus time and versus pile length that a PIT test under such conditions would produce.

PIT-S is a simulation software that, in its most basic application, does not require data collection. However, It can greatly enhance analysis when used in conjunction with data obtained with the Pile Integrity Tester: The curves simulated by PIT-S may be superimposed over measured curves for a simple signal matching process and a simplified investigation of the cause of observed reflections.

The display of force and velocity curves or of the velocity curves at different locations along the pile (integrity testing of piles integral to a structure is accomplished by analyzing 2 velocity curves) simulate integrity tests performed with the PIT model FV. The software also shows acceleration and displacement data and includes a slow motion animated display of the wave transmission and reflections that are particularly educational.

Download the PIT-S Demo Software.

Works with Windows  11

The PIT includes a full warranty and technical support. PDI offers expert training in the use of the PIT.