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The Pile Driving Analyzer® system (PDA) reads and processes electronic signals collected by Accelerometers and Strain Transducers.

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Strain TransducerStrain Transducer
Special WaterproofingSpecial Waterproofing

The Pile Driving Analyzer® system (PDA) reads and processes electronic signals collected by Accelerometers and Strain Transducers.

Both accelerometers and strain transducers are compatible with Wireless Transmitters or with Traditional wired connections (data sent to the PDA via cables, which are available in various lengths). Both feature Smart Sensor technology, sending their calibration to the PDA model 8G.

Accelerometers may be Piezoelectric (PE) or Piezoresistive (PR). The PR accelerometer is recommended for all types of foundations and for instrumenting SPT rods.

Wireless Transmitters allow the PDA to be placed up to 100 m (more than 300 ft) away from the foundation being tested and include a rechargeable 8.5-hour life battery.

When Traditional sensors are used, dynamic testing of foundations in offshore environments including oil platforms and wind turbines require special waterproofing of sensors and cables. Since wireless sensors are used in offshore projects, a more potent antenna is available for the PDA. PDI “in house” waterproofing is an option for projects in wet environments at smaller depths than typical offshore projects.

PDI also offers templates, anchors, and protectors for sensor installation.

Strain Transducer Specifications

September 2015

PDF Format

For use with the Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA)

Compatible with Traditional (cabled) connection or with Wireless Transmitter when used with PDA model 8G or PAX

Standard “Smart Sensor” technology

Smart Sensors report their calibration to a PDA model 8G or PAX (PAX reporting in wireless mode only)

Effective Gage Length: 76 mm standard

Size: 126 x 35 x 11 mm

Material: Aluminum

Circuit: Full 350 ohm Wheatstone bridge

Cable: Shielded, available in standard length 1060mm (for cabled connection) or 450 mm (for use with Wireless
Transmitter), other cable lengths available on request

Nominal Sensitivity: 380 µε/mV/V

Strain Range: Nominally 3,000 µε (functional to 8,000 µε)

Shock Range: Nominally 5,000 g

Natural Frequency (attached to foundation): Greater than 2,000 Hz

Temperature Range: -50° to 120°C operating

Attachment Method: Bolts to pile (Optional C-clamps or tabs and adhesive for structural testing.)

Options: Water resistant to 20 m depth, on request (PDI also offers waterproof strain transducers for water depths to 300 m)

* Pile Dynamics Strain Transducers may be used in static load monitoring and/or structural monitoring.