WORKSHOP: High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing Workshop & Proficiency Test Option – Orlando

March 5-6, 2024 - Orlando, FL

Proficiency Test (available in English or Spanish). Please indicate which version of the test you prefer. Sponsored by Pile Driving Contractors Association and Pile Dynamics, Inc.. Ryan Allin, Michael Morgano, and Garland Likins will present. Click here to learn more. 


The two-day workshop is designed for users of the Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) system and CAPWAP® software who are interested in sharpening their skills: engineers, foundation testing professionals, students and professors already familiar with the basic concepts of deep foundation dynamic testing and analysis; professionals who desire to have a basic understanding of the dynamic test results being presented to them; and those interested in taking the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test.

The learning objectives of the workshop are to have the participants operate the PDA in a manner conducive to acquiring good quality data; assess pile bearing capacity, pile driving stresses, hammer performance and pile integrity by various methods; avoid pitfalls when analyzing PDA data with the CAPWAP software; interpret PDA testing and CAPWAP software results; describe the soil-model used in CAPWAP; prepare the input for CAPWAP; review options for CAPWAP analysis and output; and calculate bearing capacity and its distribution for driven piles from impact records. DFDTA Orlando 2024