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We are the world leaders in quality assurance systems for deep foundations.
Pile Driving Analyzer« (PDA)
a system for Dynamic Load Tests on any Type of Deep Foundations.
Software for evaluating bearing capacity from PDA measurements.
Pile Integrity Tester (PIT)
For fast non destructive evaluation of concrete foundation integrity by the Pulse Echo Method.
For creating pile driving logs and assessing driving hammer energy.
Software for pile driving simulation, based on the Wave Equation.
Pile Installation Recorder (PIR)
For real time monitoring of the installation of Auger Cast in Place (ACIP) / Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles.
Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHA)
For integrity evaluation by the Cross Hole Sonic Logging and Single Hole Sonic Logging methods.
SPT Analyzer
For performance evaluation of Standard Penetration Test Hammers.
Hammer Performance Analyzer (HPA)
For performance evaluation of pile driving hammers.
 Angle Analyzer
 For measuring the angles of installed  piles in two planes.
Sensors and other Accessories
Designed to supply accurate readings to Pile Dynamics equipment
Acoustic Concrete Tester (ACT)
For determining the thickness of concrete pavements and slabs, retaining walls, tunnels and foundation footings.
An Inspection Instruments Inc. product.
Length Inductive Test Equipment
Evaluates the length of steel piles using the inductive field method
Remote dynamic pile monitoring, via Internet
Thermal Integrity Profiler (TIP)
Assesses the concrete quality drilled shafts or augered cast in place piles by the Thermal Testing Method
Pile Driving Analyzer« (PDA)
a system for Dynamic Pile Load Tests and Pile Driving Monitoring.
drilled shaft
auger cast-in-place pile
driven pile