Webinar: Remote Testing Capabilities Help Accelerate Project Timelines 

Projects can be challenged by social distancing and state mandated procedure changes. With Pile Dynamics’ Remote Testing Capabilities, owners and contractors can realize scheduling flexibility, while improving health and safety at the jobsite.
Join Ryan Allin, P.E. as he discusses the advantages of Remote Testing Capabilities with PDI’s Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA), Thermal Integrity Profiler (TIP), Shaft Area Profile Evaluator (SHAPE), and the Shaft Quantitative Inspection Device (SQUID)
This one hour webinar is offered at three different times to accommodate schedules worldwide. 100 seats available per session.  A certificate of participation is not offered since this is not a technical webinar.


Please note:  Monday, April 27, 2020  and Wednesday, April 28, 2020 sessions are full. Additional sessions on Monday, May 4, 2020 and Wednesday, May 6, 2020 have been added.  Thank you.

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        • Remote Testing in Today’s Environment
          • Projects moving at accelerated rates and lower costs
          • Improved quality and number of tests
          • Improved health and safety with fewer workers onsite (including aging (or high risk) engineers)
        • Advantages of PDA, TIP, SHAPE, SQUID, SiteLink, PDI-Cloud
        • Why Remote Testing should be considered
        • Risk Mitigation Advantages
        • Open Q&A
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