Pre-recorded Complimentary Webinars

These videos are available to view without a registration or cost. Select the webinar you wish to watch.

If you have any questions, please email them to or to the webinar instructor, if that person shares their email during the presentation.

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Webinar Series: Understanding the Benefits of PDA-DLT Software
TIP Reporter
(2 hour duration)
The New CHAMP-XV with PDI-TOMO Webinar
(1 hour duration)
The new 8th generation (8G) Pile Driving Analyzer®
(2 hour duration)
Static Load Testing Webinar
Savings from Testing the Driven-Pile Foundation for a High-Rise Building
Remote Testing Capabilities Continue Project Timelines
Promotional Webinar on Accelerated Quality Control of Drilled Shafts Prior to Casting
Pile Dynamics Analyzer – Dynamic Load Tester (PDA-DLT) Webinar
O novo PDA (Pile Driving Analyzer®) de 8ª geração (8G) (in Portuguese)
(duração 90 minutos)
Como especificar e verificar a qualidade dos ensaios de carregamento dinâmico
(duración 95 minutos)
Case Studies: Reliability of Dynamic Testing
Case Studies: Cost and Time Savings with Thermal Integrity Profiling Webniar
CAPWAP® 2014 – Visão Geral (In Portuguese)
(duração 1 hora e 9 minutos)

Training Webinars Available

Training webinars qualify for Professional Development Hours (PDH) and require a quiz after viewing to receive a Certificate of Participation (including PDH). The cost for the training webinar is listed below. To
register and view PDI training webinars, please contact for download details. 

Interested in multiple webinars?  Request 2 pre-recorded sessions and receive $100 off.  Request 3+ pre-recorded sessions and receive $150 off.
  • Wave Equation Analysis of Piles using GRLWEAP – 8 PDHs4 sessions for $600
  • Quality Control of Augered Cast-In–Place Piles  – 2 PDHs | 1 session for $150
  • Basic Principles of High Strain Testing and Understanding Results – 2 PDHs | 1 sessions for $150
  • Wave Mechanics and Proper Practices for Existing PDA Users 4 PDHs | 2 sessions for $300
  • Advanced Applications of CAPWAP® 2014 Software  – 8 PDHs | 4 sessions for $600
  • Quality Control of Drilled Shafts  –  2 PDHs | 1 session for $150
  • SPT Hammer Energy Measurements  – 2 PDHs | 1 session for $150
  • Thermal Integrity Profiling of Concrete Foundations  – 2 PDHs | 1 session for $150
  • Pile Driving Hammer Performance  – 2 PDHs | 1 session for $150
  • Load Test and Quality Control – 2 PDHs | 1 session for $150
  • Integrity Testing of Concrete Foundations by Low Strain Dynamic Testing and Cross Hole Sonic Logging – 4 PDHs | 2 sessions for $300

Please note:  Training webinars are not purchase-to-own.  Each webinar download has an expiration date of 30 days.