Most Widely Used Dynamic Load Testing System in the World

Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA-8G)


  • Thin, light, rugged ergonomic, design with a rugged cast aluminum case and large touchscreen
  • More intuitive interface with multi-touch technology (The PDA-8G display responds to gesture controls like swiping, pinch-to-zoom etc.)
  • Up to 8 data acquisition channels in wired configuration or up to 16 data acquisition channels in wireless configuration
  • All data acquisition channels are universal – any sensor type is compatible with any input channel. Ability to connect any combination of strain transducers and accelerometers to any channel (wired or wireless configuration)
  • Smart PDA-8G sensors (the PDA-8G identifies the sensor type, serial number, and calibration factor)
  • Unified operating system (same software program used on PDA unit and PC)
  • Data may be collected at 120 blows per minute (BPM) making it easier to test piles being driven by hydraulic hammers with high blow rates
  • Automated drive log
  • Allows for multiple-level (LE) instrumentation
  • Quick swap lithium-ion battery pack for easy change out and battery meter
  • PDIPLOT software is integrated into PDA-S software
  • Optional: Dynamic Load Tester (DLT) software add-on option to streamline data collection and analysis of drilled foundations
  • Optional: New SPT Analyzer software add-on with integrated report generation
  • Older gauges can be used with PDA-8G through adapters

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