What is iCAP®?


iCAP® is a signal matching program. It works in parallel with 8G or PAX Pile Driving Analyzer® models, PDA-S or PDA-L data collection program, and/or with the PDA-W program. Furthermore, iCAP® is completely automatic, which outputs an unique answer. As a result, no user intervention is needed or permitted. Under ideal circumstances, iCAP® allows for immediate capacity assessments during data collection and review for driven piles of known geometry. For more information, please click here.

The PDA program, used onsite or remotely with SiteLink®, sends data to iCAP®. Following, iCAP® performs an automatic signal match procedure, similar to that available with the CAPWAP® program. The only difference is that iCAP® employs faster algorithms. Depending on the blow rate of the hammer, and the iCAP® options selected, the results may be a few blows behind the current installation data. The PDA displays the last available numerical and graphic signal matching results from iCAP®, as well as the currently collected data. iCAP® displays the following results:


•RU - total iCAP capacity

•SF - skin friction

•EB - end bearing

•MQ - match quality number – allows the user to evaluate the validity of the iCAP result

•JC - Case Method damping factor – allows the user to fine tune the CASE method results

•CSC – Maximum compression stress

•TSC – Maximum tension stress


•Load-displacement curve

•Force in pile versus depth

•Wave-up measured versus Wave-up calculated