During a CAPWAP® analysis the following message was displayed 'Warning: Not fully activated resistance' and then 'Totally activated resistance: XXX'. What does this mean?


This message means that the maximum displacement of one or more soil elements was less than the quake. We therefore say that the resistance was not fully activated. When this happens, the solution is unacceptable, as this means that either the ultimate resistance or the quake (or both) for that soil element has been specified too high. The pop-up window has a table showing the elements where the full resistance was not activated, with the value of the resistance specified for that element (Rult) and the activated resistance (Ract), that is, the resistance corresponding to the actual maximum displacement of that element. When this happens, you should reduce the resistance and/or the quake, until the maximum displacement of the corresponding element becomes equal or greater than the quake. If you check the box saying “check for proportional Ru and quake reduction”, the program will reduce both the resistance and the quake by the same factor, therefore keeping the ratio between them, but making sure that the full resistance is now activated (note: this may result in different quakes for different shaft elements, possibly indicating the solution is a lower bound).