Is there any calibration for CSL equipment?


Item 7.7.2 of ASTM D6760 specifies that the “length of the measured ultrasonic profile” should be compared with the “measured access duct length”. This can be done by the CHA-W program, provided that during data collection the probes are pulled along the entire length of the tubes. ASTM D6760 does not specify a periodicity for this calibration procedure, which leaves that up to the project, or end user specifications. This calibration procedure can be performed by the user and does not require any special instrument. Items 7.4.1 and 7.4.6 of ASTM D6760 specify that the functionality of the CSL equipment should be checked prior to mobilization and that this should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The Cross Hole Analyzer model CHAMP has a “Hardware Monitor” that allows checking the signal at the receiver probe. A signal should be present with the probes separated by a short distance (about 5 cm or 2 inches), even if they are not immersed in water, so this simple procedure can be used to check if the probes, the cables, and the CHAMP unit are working correctly.